1. “HE IS MY OTHER BROTHER”, aiming to fight hunger and Youth obesity, due to starvation of tthe second kind.

  3. “OLYMPIC GAMES FOR ALL” Iniciative. With the aim to fight the shameful and anachronistic OLYMPIC Discrimination, “reserved for 670 million disables or 2 billion people –UN Data 2005-(for MEN, WOMWENand DISABLES, dreaming a UNited Olympic event, under the same ideals and symbols, all athletes considered of the same athletic value, equals among equal, giving true meaning to the UN Convention on Disability )

  5. “VIEW my VOICE”. Give voice to the voiceless young refugees, by letting them show to the AMBASSADORS of  PEACE the “colors of indifference “of the busy, selfish and hypocritic world, with used fotocameras send directly to them to do the job with no restrictions or rules.